Monday, February 25, 2008

Photos with or without a lightbox

Here are some examples of photos I took of the same objects-with and without my light box. The first was taken without the light box and the second with. Notice the difference in the light quality!

Adventures with light-boxes

I got directions online on how to create my own inexpensive lightbox to photograph my art and craft projects with. It diffuses the light really well so it isn't too harsh or too dark. A commercially made light-box can cost hundreds of dollars so being able to make one with a cardboard box, some tissue paper and cardstock, and a few lamps sounded like a great deal to me! Here are some pictures of the lightbox. I put lamps shining through the tissue paper walls above and to the left and right sides of the box. The link I got the directions from is to the right on my list of links. Good luck trying one yourself!