Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I need to work on (a.k.a. everything about myself)

So maybe this post title is a bit dramatic. I really do feel like I need vast improvement in basically every area of my life though. Here's "the list" of everything I feel that needs work in my life:
1.) I need to recover from my binge eating disorder. This includes:
     a.) eating a healthy amount of calories (1200-1500) daily for my height, frame size and activity level
     b.) finding new coping skills
     c.) developing new habits to replace my highly ingrained ones
2.) I need to adopt as close to a completely vegan diet as possible. This may not be a necessary improvement as far as many people are concerned, but considering how I feel about animals and our current food system it is for me. Plus this diet will fairly easily be super healthy which would surely be a good thing for anyone.
3.) I need to adopt a more active lifestyle. This includes not only going to the gym and traditional workouts but also being more active in my general daily routines.
4.) I need to achieve and maintain a consistent healthy sleep schedule.
5.) I need to live within my means and work towards paying back all my debt.
6.) I need to work on my relationships. This includes refraining from isolating myself and reaching out more.
7.) I need to get organized in my home, my schedule, my time, and my mind! Everything right now feels like chaos.
8.) I need to work on my career. I need to start saving to one day go back to school. In the meantime I need to work at my arts and crafts. If I can support myself as an artist I won't need to go back to school!
If I can achieve these top 8 goals I believe that not only losing 100 lbs but also getting rid of (or at least getting under control) my anxiety and depression would be automatic.
This was a set I put together on polyvore of my New Year's resolutions for 2012.

Pretty much nothing has changed. I think I'm ready to get off my butt and make it change. The only thing giving me motivation is that I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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